Get the fly spray!

Updated: May 18, 2021

There's a bug in the workshop

Again, not are usual work but we enjoy the diversity. This classic is in for body and paint after some welding to repair corrosion. The shell is good, only needing minor repairs to straighten up some wobbles. The doors needed a little more work but are looking good after some tlc.

After the body repairs, the wheel arches, sills and spare wheel well where coated in Raptor coating to protect them from impact damage.

The under bonnet, boot and interior were coloured first.

The dash area needed a little more attention than the under bonnet and boot area with it being the focal point of the interior.

body and panels primed and flattened ready for colour.

Body and panels coloured, lacquered and looking good in its factory Marina Blue.

To give this Beetle the finish it deserves, we wet flatted and buffed every inch of it.

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