Insurance repairs

Miss-judging a post as you're turning into a campsite is not the best way to start your holiday.

The damage may only look minor but this owner was turned away at the dealer bodyshops because their caravan was silver.

Silvers are more difficult to paint than whites especialy on large areas.

There was a damage to the cosmetic trims, but luckily nothing else.

Once the assessment had been approved by the insurance engineer we could start repairs and order parts.

The finished filler work shows the full extent of the damage and the repair area.

Graphics, windows and trims removed. Repair primed and appatures masked ready for paint

Caravan in base and pushed outside to check the coverage and finish before lacquering. We chose to base the whole side to avoid any colour differences.

The completed repair!

Both the customer and ourselves were really happy with how this turned out.

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