When the damp gets in

Confronted with soggy wet wood that was more sponge than wall. This is a good example of damp gone unnoticed, and major surgery was on the horizon.

The construction of the caravan meant we had to remove the outer front panel for access, and the extent of the rot meant the whole inner frame had to be replaced.

With the front frame removed we found the window sill was also rotten and was replaced but, the water had gone no further.

Once the timber frame and ply lining was complete, the inside was recovered in a very good matching cream patterned and cherry vinyl wraps. The front outer body was refitted with new mastic along with the window rail, and the main window seal was cleaned, resealed and fitted ready for the window to be installed.

This was a job well done and with comments "you can't tell you've even been in" from the customer, we are very pleased.

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