Working on my car!

So... I had a little bump back in December, not much damage, but experience in the accident repair industry had me worried. Sure enough, the cost of parts meant the repair bill would outweigh the vehicle value and my car was a write off.

This was a shame because I like this car, so I kept it and used the settlement to repair it myself .

I had the suspension checked during the damage assessment so I knew that was fine and I was more than happy to repair over replace like the insurance designated repairer.

And it began, we stripped the damaged bumper, removed the wheel and wheel arch liner for access, and stripped the doors for paint. The wing and door were repaired, the whole bumper was sanded back and the damage was rectified.

A little primer and we are ready for paint. The red was very transparent and took a few coats to cover correctly before we could get the lacquer applied .

The repair turned out great, and I'm very please. Just the wheels left to be refurbished.

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