Paint and Bodywork

Caravan and Motorhome Body Repair

Caravan Repair Sutton in Ashfield

Our body repair technicians have over 20 years experience in the automotive paint and body repair industry. Whether you have a minor scuff, major damage or just looking for some paint correction we can take care of everything on site.

Caravan Accident Repair Mansfield

We like to repair panels, if possible, instead of replacing them to keep your costs down.


Damage such as this can often be repaired with plastic welding techniques and then painted.

In this case the owner reversed into a wall.

As well as body repair we also offer services if your caravan or motorhome is beginning to show its age.

We carry out full machine polishing to bring life back to dull paintwork.

We also design and create graphics and decals on site. If your graphics are beginning to let your vehicle down, we can design and replace them for you.

Caravan Bodywork Chesterfield

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